How to Prevent Phishing: Training Your Employees with KnowBe4


June 17, 2019
Monica Gordon

As cybercrime continues to increase, so do the chances of letting hackers into your workplace systems. And while you may have top of the line security in place, human error is the main cause of cyber security incidents. All it takes is one employee to open a malicious attachment or click on an infected link to become the next victim of a ransomware attack, data breach, or a cyber heist. With the help of KnowBe4, your employees can become experts on what a phishing email looks like and ultimately safeguard your company’s private information from being hacked. 

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What it is

KnowBe4 is security awareness training for your employees, designed to reduce and prevent human error when it comes to cyber security. Users begin with a baseline test to evaluate their phish-prone percentage. This is done by simulated phishing, vishing, or smishing attacks through phone, email, or text.  After assessing initial risk, users will then be trained using the world’s largest web-based library of security awareness training content. This includes interactive modules, videos, games, posters, and newsletters. From there, you can set-up automated, simulated phishing attacks on your employees to continually test their awareness. KnowBe4’s tracking allows for managing and reporting of users to see if one replies to a simulated phishing email and the information sent in it, as well as links clicked by users, and if they are opening attachments.  


Why use it

Aside from having the largest library of security awareness training content, with over 800 pieces to choose from, KnowBe4 has some other unique features. For example, you can use Smart Groups which allow you to tailor phishing campaigns, training assignments, learning, and reporting by certain employee behavior and attributes. Another neat feature is the customization of phishing and landing pages to create more personal scenarios for your employees rather than using the existing templates. KnowBe4 even lets you customize the simulated attachments in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. With their advanced reporting, you’ll gain insight on 60+ built-in reports ranging from a general overview to details on key awareness training indicators. 


Compared to their competitors such as Barracuda (Phishline), Cofense, and Global Learning Systems KnowBe4 offers the most competitive prices. With three levels of training content and four levels of SaaS subscriptions they are flexible to fit specific business needs and sizes. In the picture above, the average employees phish-prone percentage begins at 27%. After just three months the percentage drops to 13 and one year after using KnowBe4 the average employees phish-prone percentage drops to a mere 2.17! With security on top of your employee’s mind, they will be able to protect your company against cyber dangers. 

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