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To provide complete hardware, software and support solutions, enabling clients to operate their businesses more successfully.

To provide complete hardware, software and support solutions, enabling clients to operate their businesses more successfully



Started by Bill Wisser in 1994, Omega Computer Services was a small I.T. consulting firm. When Ron Harris became a partner in 2006, both Bill and Ron realized that Omega’s technology could help every organization achieve their goals. Since that realization, Omega has transformed into one of the top managed I.T. service providers in Michigan.

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“As the founding member of Omega Computer Services, I built this business on hard work and integrity. I make sure we only offer the best products and services along with an excellent end-user experience. Knowing that we are helping other businesses reach their goals and try new things with their technology, that's what gets me out of bed every morning.”

“When I joined Omega, I tried to take a different approach. My goal was to build close relationships with our clients that went beyond their technology. Every business knows that technology is going to fail at some point. However, when things do go wrong we want our clients to trust in us and believe that, Omega will get it fixed in no time.”


Omega’s HQ, located in Portage Michigan gave us the space we needed to conduct business at a high level while also preparing for growth.

Humble Abode


In June 2018, Omega packed up and moved to a bigger, better space. With their growing business and staff, Bill and Ron realized that in order to continue growth and provide for their customers, the current space they occupied in downtown Kalamazoo was no longer going to cut it. After a long process of planning and preparing, Omega found a new home on Lovers Lane in Portage, Michigan.

A larger space gave Omega the room to stretch and welcome more staff when needed, as well as accommodate customers for meetings and training sessions. The new building was designed with comfort, efficiency, and productivity in mind. After months of collaboration and hard work, the new building was renovated and rehabilitated into a space fully capable of handling the full potential of Omega Computer Services.


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