The Ultimate I.T. Assessment Checklist: Fall Is Here, Are You Ready For I.T.?

The Ultimate I.T. Assessment Checklist: Fall Is Here, Are You Ready For I.T.?

September 12, 2018

Yes, Fall officially begins this weekend. Unless you live in Michigan. Pretty soon, the air will become crisp, football season will be in full swing (Go Broncos!), and the leaves will change color. These are just a few of the signs we have come to identify with the shifting of seasons. We begin to adapt to the change in season by wearing warmer clothing or preparing for a tailgate. Either way, we all know change is coming and it’s best we embrace it. The same rules apply to your business I.T.


While everything around you is changing, it’s a good opportunity to stop and think about your I.T situation. When is the last time you conducted a thorough assessment of all things related to technology in your office? Technology is constantly evolving and changing just like the seasons. It’s important to keep up with that flow of change and be prepared.


First off, an I.T assessment is a comprehensive review of a company’s technology systems. That’s pretty much it. At the end of an assessment, the results will typically show areas with needs for improvement and recommendations.

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So how does one actually assess their business I.T situation? So many people actually think they’re stuff is fine how it is because they don’t notice anything wrong with their tech, but honestly, you don’t know what you don’t know. So, it’s essential to assess your I.T systems every so often. If you’re going to do this on your own, here’s what you need to look for:


1. Hardware and Software

Okay, be honest here. How old are those computers? And when is the last time you updated the software on them? Is the anti-virus still compatible with the operating system? If any of these questions make you feel nervous or unsure, it’s definitely time for a change.


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2. Inefficient systems

Have you been noticing some data errors? Maybe because you enter all of that data manually. Or you find yourself doing double the work because not all data and information is visible between departments? Sounds familiar, right? There’s a solution for that. It’s called automation and collaboration tools.


3. Disaster recovery plan

So, a fire breaks out in the office. All the paper on the desk is burnt up like a pile of dry leaves and computers are destroyed. Or your server decides to fail on you? What’s the plan? Setting up a recovery plan is essential. You don’t want to lose all of that information because you were ill-prepared.

4. Cloud storage

It’s almost 2019, I think we all know that cloud storage isn’t meant to be taken literally. Where are you storing your files and data? What part of your process in run through the cloud and which ones are not? Should they be moved to the cloud?

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5. Employee on-boarding process

Congrats! You have a new employee starting today! What does the I.T process look like for them? Do you have their workplace ready to go, along with their passwords and logins for programs and everything they’ll need to be successful or are we just going to wing it? Maybe they can figure it out? Wrong. It doesn’t have to be that time consuming.


6. Password security

Take a poll right now. How many of your employees have a password for their business email or logins that sounds something like “company123” or “password111”? Your 10-year-old can figure it out in under 5 minutes and then all of a sudden, they have their hands on sensitive information. Good for them. You need to have a better policy in place to prevent unsecure passwords.

Hopefully by now, you’re a little nervous and unsure about your I.T system in the office. The idea of skirting off to a enjoy a hot dog at a tailgate sounds pretty good right now, right? Well, you can’t avoid the inevitability of change for long. Just like the cold weather and premature Christmas decorations are upon us, so is the need for an I.T assessment.

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If even just reading this simple checklist makes you think twice about your I.T situation, maybe it’s a better idea to call in the pros to help give you a better idea of how you can remedy the issues you have. They might even discover more about your systems than you realized. Take Omega for instance. Omega Computer Services will provide a free I.T assessment! Our pros here will assess all aspects of your business technology and come back at you with their findings and some recommendations for moving forward. It never hurts to turn to the pros, especially when your company’s technology and therefore data information may be at risk. You want a team that knows what to look for and what may be a concern now or in the future for your I.T systems.

Once you’ve done the I.T assessment, understood the issues, took the recommendations, and implemented solutions, you’ll see how drastically your technology system has changed. And for the better! Now, you’re ready to revel in all the new features and efficient processes that come along with embracing change in the office.

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