5 Ways Technology Increases Team Collaboration

5 Ways Technology Increases Team Collaboration

February 18, 2019

Technology has the ability to empower a team to accomplish more in less time. However, only the right tools and methods will prove its worth to a company. Collaboration through technology is a powerful and essential way to push a business towards its goals. Companies of all sizes are investing in the right tools and processes that work for them in order to drive growth. The capabilities of technology expand as far as the company requires to fit their needs. Here are a few ways to leverage technology to meet your business needs through collaboration across the company:


Online Communication

In most offices today, many people don’t even see each other throughout the day due to their location in the office. However, geography doesn’t necessarily mean a group of people don’t need to collaborate with each other. To stay connected when you physically aren’t anywhere near your team, online communication tools come in handy in order to work on projects, discuss plans, etc.


Programs like Slack, Asana, or even Microsoft Teams are great tools to use for this purpose. Decide which resource would work best for you by looking at what they each offer and how you can use their services.  Programs like these work for a group of people of any size. Direct messaging, quick and easy file sharing, and organized task lists are just a few of the helpful qualities you’ll find amongst these programs.

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Customer Relationship Management applications are often unnoticed as collaborative. But in reality, CRM software can be one of the most important collaborative processes a business can have regarding their customer service and success. Managing relationships with customers and their experience can often become a team effort. Being able to see when the last time someone talked to a customer and even that they talked about is a great way to stay in the loop and make sure the customer is receiving quality interaction from your business.

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Project Management

Streamlining the steps it takes to complete an assignment or project is easy to do with the right project management tool. Again, Asana is a great example of a program that will make collaboration much easier. Asana allows tasks to be organized by groups or categories, assign due dates, a person responsible for that task, and overall visibility among your team.


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Live Video

Beyond file sharing and messaging, sometimes you just need to actually see something in person. This gets tricky when two or more people are in different locations. Leveraging a video conferencing tool can help bring you the “in the room” experience you might need. Skype and Zoom are a couple of the most common and widely used tools to do just this. HD quality video feed and audio can completely transform the way you meet with a group to discuss project tasks across multiple devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and phones.

VoIP Software

Phone calls are tried and true methods of communication. However, when you need to speak with a coworker and you end up with their voicemail, your project may get delayed and you may end up wasting time just waiting to get a hold of them. With Voice over Internet Protocol technology gaining popularity, more offices experience the flexibility it offers to communicate with each other. Even when you’re not at the office, you’ll be able to accept calls that come to your desk phone, on your cellphone. If in fact you are left a voicemail, you can get an email pdf of the message. No matter what the situation, you no longer have to miss important phone calls with VoIP software.

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