The 3 Best Agency Management Systems for Insurance

The 3 Best Agency Management Systems for Insurance

October 26, 2018

An AMS, or Agency Management System is used by 90% of agencies. No matter the size of your business, a management system provides efficiency and help reduce most costs. The benefits of an AMS stretch far and wide to cover any bases an agency needs. The tricky part is finding the system that works best for your business. Agency Management Systems are not necessarily one size fits all. There are a lot of factors to consider and features to match to the needs of business. Think about your current AMS. How much research went into selecting it? Was it recommended by another business unlike your own? Perhaps one just like yours? Is it saving money and making your life easier and more organized? If not, it’s time to move on and find one that suites you better.


It’s easy to get comfortable with a system you use every day for months or years. But just because you are used to something, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. There are better systems out there for your business, and it’s time to find the right one.

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Because every business is different, its best to think about your goals and future needs, and not pay too much attention to those of another company. Maybe you’re not too familiar with all of the options available out there. Getting to know the market a little better is a good place to start when seeking out a new system for your business.


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Applied Epic

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Applied Epic is currently the industry’s leading cloud-based software for management systems. User features include:


·      Compare documents and contracts

·      Plan summaries

·      Performance tracking

·      Pipeline management

·      License tracking

·      Track sales goals

·      Sales automation

·      Create multiple folder and client reports

·      Track client history

·      Communication between agents and customers

·      Text and phone support


Users give rave reviews for the Applied Epic management system. Because the system is so easy to use, you will be able to train your staff in no time. You get everything you need in one functional space.


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EZLynx. AMS. Insurance agency management system.


EZLynx is a user-friendly software used by many agencies.


·      Carrier access

·      Simple setup

·      Quick quoting

·      Protects customers

·      Streamline renewals

·      Increase productivity

·      Data entry

·      Protect agents


Agencies that use EZLynx love the workflow efficiency and automated features. You get almost everything you need for affordable prices for multiple users in the office.



QQCatalyst. AMS. Insurance agency management system.


QQCatalyst is another cloud-based software with an easy to use interface.


·      Dashboard

·      Expanded searching

·      Centralized client contact manager

·      Digital file management

·      Policy summary and proposal

·      Marketing templates

·      Text messaging


For those agencies using more traditional systems, QQCatalyst may be a game changer.  

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