An All-Inclusive
Technology Package

Just because your technology is “working” doesn’t mean it is working for you. We help you understand the areas that need to be improved to take your business to the next level.

Equipment That Actually
Makes A Difference

Multiple times a year we hear from local businesses that their technology is working fine, even though it's a little old. Yes, your technology may be working, but it's more than likely very far from being fine. 

Most businesses are so unaware of the untapped technology potential in the current marketplace that they remain stagnant with their current under-performing infrastructure.

When you make the switch to Omega, you are receiving the best technology. We make sure to provide you with systems that last well into the future, so your investment is more than worthwhile.

Our support team is here to serve you. We never want you to feel lost with your technology.

I.T. With A
Personal Touch



We are often told that the transition to new technology will confuse employees and decrease productivity. At Omega, we really feel for this.

So many managed service providers fail to acknowledge the staff during the transition, but they are the most important part! Technology can be difficult, (trust us, we know) and overhauling your organization’s systems will definitely raise a few questions. We're there every step of the way with answers.

Our 400 square foot training room, supplied with the devices your staff will be receiving, can be used at any time when you sign a contract with Omega. At the beginning of every new relationship we try to get as much of your staff into our training room for a lunch and learn as possible. This gives us a chance to answer any and all questions before the transition.

Yeah, having an internal I.T. technician can help but often times that technician is busy and can’t help you right away. Or he/she has gone on vacation and doesn’t have their work phone. We are there to provide you with top of the line equipment followed with high level support, when you need it.

We're here to assist,
not to take over

(Unless you want us to)


You may be thinking, "We have an I.T. person, why would we need Omega?" Now, this one may be a little hard to explain, but here it goes. One person can only do so much. That’s it.

What if your I.T. person wants to take a two-week vacation to Australia? Who is going to check on all the backups? We really hope it’s not Greg from Accounting. Technology is a job made for someone who has a background in I.T., not someone that simply knows their way around a computer.

Switching to Omega doesn’t mean getting rid of your I.T. department. It is just the opposite. It means you are protecting your business. Also, chances are your I.T. person is not supplying the entire organization with world-class equipment like we would.


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