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Over the last year and a half we have been working closely with agencies around Michigan to develop an I.T. offering that is designed specifically for the insurance industry.

The Modern Agency is all about you. No longer do we want you or your agents spending hours on the phone with a vendor that never solves your problems or dealing with complex IT issues that you have no idea where to start. We understand there are unique challenges you face when handling personal and commercial lines as well as employee benefits.

At Omega we are extremely knowledgeable in both HIPPA and record keeping requirements that must be considered to stay up-to-date with the changes in regulations. We also understand that your needs are complex with a lot of moving parts. Including various carrier sites, printing/scanning requirements, client retention and so much more. That's exactly why we created The Modern Agency offering.

The Modern Agency Is About You


Monthly Plans With No Extra Fees

Don't stress over budgeting. We make it easy. Just pay one monthly fee and we'll take care of the rest. Forget the project, hardware and travel fees. Really, it's just that easy.


Faster Onsite Response Times

Sometimes remote support just isn’t what you need, but our on-site field team is ready to help when you need them. We offer same day response if it’s an emergency, so there’s minimal downtime.


Server and Desktop Management

No one has time for a server meltdown. We will make sure that your server is safe, secure and will always have backups ready. Just in case that disaster does strike.


Personalized Training

You have this new equipment and software, now what? Don’t panic. We offer training specific to the individual needs of the business in order to understand and efficiently use these new tools.


24/7/365 Remote Support

Computer issues on a Saturday? No problem. Someone on the help desk team is available to assist you after you submit a ticket through email, online, or a phone call.


Standardized Hardware Refreshes

New hardware is not cheap. We offer plans with equipment refreshes so your business never falls behind in a business world that continues to grow and advance faster than ever.


data management.png

Data Management & Compliance

While your business is required to stay up to date with the regulations of the insurance industry, having the right IT support to meet these needs can be helpful. Omega is well informed of the specific record keeping and data management guidelines that need to be followed.



While the modern agency encourages technology mobility, we at Omega also encourage data security. Protecting your data while in the office or on the go, is among our top priorities. Our firewall management expertise along with proper Internet security knowledge, are here to help you and your data stay secure.


Vendor Management

We’ve been in the business for some time now and along the way, we’ve worked with just about every vendor that your company has cared about and used to conduct business. The relationships we have with these vendors will allow us to work closely with them, taking that burden off your shoulders.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

We go the extra mile to back up your data in multiple spaces to ensure optimal protection. A 256-bit encryption is used to thoroughly secure your data from threats, allowing each and every file and document to never go missing. If a disaster does occur, there’s no need to panic, as our data recovery system will not fail.


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