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Modern office communication provides the ability for users to interact through the use of mobile technology, up-to-date phone systems and contemporary messaging.


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Our communication technology solutions allow you to connect as far and wide as possible. Whether you're at your desk or out of the office, you will always be able to communicate with your team at the highest level.



Voip Phones

Set aside the dated phone system you’re using and let us put a 3CX VoIP phone on your desk. The cloud-based phone system opens up the possibilities of more flexible and efficient communication without any add-on fees!


Remote Connection

Stay connected with your other office locations by using the multi-site integration service as part of VoIP, allowing a seamless single phone line between locations.


Modern Voicemail

Don’t worry about listening to voicemails all morning. The VoIP phone system automatically converts voicemails into emails including an MP3 of each voicemail, allowing easier access, and the ability to forward to another computer or smartphone.


Enterprise Messaging

Get rid of the giant fax machine sitting in the office and take advantage of the VoIP system. You can receive a fax in the form of an emailed PDF file.


Custom Routing

As a user, you can customize routing of incoming calls to certain times of day, days of the week, and certain dates. Then route those calls to an automated menu, group, inbound call queue, call parking lot, or multi-user conferencing.


Multi-User Conferencing

VoIP supports multi-user conferencing, allowing a mute/unmute option, PIN authorization, name announcement of participants, and background noise filtering.



Slash Your
Current Phone Bill

Making the switch to a VoIP phone system can cut your current phone bill by up to 30%, while also giving your employees the peace of mind of not missing an important call by utilizing the 3CX mobile app.


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