The 5 Most Common Tech Problems and How to Fix Them



Slowly back away from the computer. Take a deep breath. Have a seat and relax. We’ve all been there. Your computer is acting up and isn’t responding to anything you’ve tried to do to remedy your situation. Technology can be the most frustrating thing in our lives sometimes. And what’s worse, is that more often than not, the things that really frustrate us, are fairly simple fixes. As heated and ready to put your foot through the monitor as you are, you can do these!


Because you use your computer every day at work for practically everything you do, it’s inevitable that you will run into some technical problems here and there that will require…or demand your attention. And your attention it will get. You know it too well.

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Slow App Performance

First, it’s the slow speed. It feels like it takes 40 minutes for your browser to boot up and get going. You get to work, you start your computer, and you’re kind of in a hurry to finish what you need to get done or send that email. But the one day you really need to get going, your computer just won’t allow it. What’s going on?


The Fix:

There are a few things you can try. Check to see if you have any programs or apps running in the background that you didn’t realize and that you don’t need at the moment. Next, make sure everything is updated. Especially your operating system. If somethings are out of date, they’ll run a little slower in order to keep up. If those don’t work, run a system check on your Task Manager to see exactly which programs are taking up the most RAM.

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Keeps Freezing Up

Among the most annoying challenges, is the constant freezing of the program you’re working on. Everything is running smoothly, then all of a sudden…nothing. Mouse doesn’t move, you can’t click on anything, it’s totally unresponsive.


The Fix:

Did you turn it off and back on? Honestly, 9/10 times this will do the trick. Your computer is working on a lot of complex things at once and sometimes it gets too caught up and can’t respond. Try to reboot the system. Then run a system check to see if your memory is getting low. You should also try running a check with your anti-virus software, just to make sure there isn’t a nasty infection.


Okay, computers do work really hard to keep up with the tasks you ask them to do each day. And sometimes you’ll notice the fans working extra hard to compensate or feel how hot the underpart of the equipment is. So what do you do if and when this happens?

The Fix:

When you are working and feel the heat and hear the fans power up, stop what you’re doing. There are a lot of parts inside the computer and long hours at maximum performance levels, may not be the bets thing for them. The best thing to do is to check the vents in the laptop or computer you’re using. The culprit really could be dust blocking the vents. Make sure the vents are completely clear before moving forward. But don’t forget to give your computer and especially your laptop a break every so often.

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Browser is unresponsive

Google chrome is just so slow, and you don’t have a lot of patience today. Pages take too long to load, and images hardly load all the way on websites. You really need to use the Internet, but it seems like it doesn’t want to be used today for some reason. What gives?


The Fix:

First and foremost, check your WIFI connection. Make sure you have a strong connection. If it’s not strong or active, try rebooting the router. Give it a few minutes to kick back in and then check out the browser speed.

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Blue Screen of Death

Ah yes, the blue void that fills your screen and your mind with panic and dread. You’re working on a project or completing a document and then this happens. Not exactly how you want to begin or end your day. Most of the time, this error message signifies a hardware related issue.

The Fix: 

Don’t give up yet. A simple reboot of the computer may just be enough to fix the problem. After you reboot the system, run further diagnostics to dig a little deeper to find the root cause of the issue so it doesn’t happen again.