Why Data Backup Is Important: The "Just In Case" Scenario

Why Data Backup Is Important: The "Just In Case" Scenario

February 07, 2019

Things happen. And they often seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. For a business, that time is often. Floods, fires, power outages, and data disaster of any kind are all a part of the “just in case” scenario that propels businesses to invest in backup and disaster recovery for their equipment. Most of the time, we have no control over these disasters and have no sure way of telling when they will strike. Other times, data disasters occur because of lax security efforts from the company. Either way, having a fail-safe backup plan is essential for businesses hoping to grow.

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Backup and recovery processes are respective in their practice, yet they complement each other when they go hand in hand to produce the greatest benefit for your company. Backup is the process of backing up data, in multiple locations “just in case” of a loss and having systems set up to allow recovery of the data when it’s lost.


Ideally, your backup solution would be automated and supported in more than one secure location. The cloud is a big part of this process. Instead of saving all of your customers’ sensitive and otherwise important information on a desktop folder or even on your own hard drive, a better option is to store that data on a server far from the office. By automatically uploading all things data related to the cloud off-site, you don’t have to lose sleep over worrying about what will happen if the office burns down and everything is lost with it, including the information you were responsible for keeping safe.

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Maybe a fire consuming the whole office is a bit extreme and perhaps morbid for most cases, but you get the point. The “just in case” or the “what if” concerns that businesses owners have are completely valid, because they have happened to someone, somewhere before.


More realistic than a catastrophic fire, is the experience a business may have with a data breach. Hacking and cybercrime aren’t what it used to be. The people behind the attacks are smarter, creative, and have more means than years past. Businesses of all sizes are at risk. If your data does in fact get compromised, you’ll be thankful you have a backup solution in place.

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Developing a comprehensive and efficient plan isn’t an easy feat and not typically one a business should try doing on their own. To ensure the best solution possible for your business needs, partnering with an MSP can make a difference. A managed service provider is aware of the consequences your business may face and has the proper training and skills to combat those threats with the right resources and tools.

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Understanding and meeting the various needs of the business owner is part of developing a unique solution, as well as comprehending the worries an owner faces when it comes to safeguarding their business and their data.

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