5 Ways Bad Technology Is Turning Away Employees

5 Ways Bad Technology Is Turning Away Employees

October 05, 2018

Accessibility. Reliability. Usability. Three words of many that absolutely must relate to the technology in your agency in order to attract any new talent. The most valuable asset to any business is its people. You want to try attracting the best and brightest to fill those empty seats in the office, but it’s becoming increasingly challenging to do when your technology is off-putting to say the least. The majority of people entering the workforce are young and used to a certain level of digital savvy. If they walk into your agency for the first time and see technology that they could potentially be using that is too old, it very well may deter their interest.


Not only is the first impression of clunky technology a turn off, but the daily use of it can really take a toll on the happiness and success of employees. As a business owner, you want your employees to be happy and efficient in their use of office technology and systems because that kind of care reflects on the success of the company as a whole. But clunky, cumbersome, outdated technology can be a real challenge and become a source of frustration that leads employees to think about other places of employment.


Again, accessibility, reliability, and usability are just three of the words that need to represent the technology you have around the office to attract the best talent. To allow employees to shine and grow, your technology needs to do the same. Sometimes it’s hard to understand a problem form the inside. So, instead of scaring away potential talent with clunky technology, here are a few things you can do to make your agency look more enticing to the younger talent crowd.

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1. Replace that Fax Machine

First off, that big, loud machine taking up space right in the middle of your office, is an unnecessary hassle. You have the option to fax documents right from the comfort of your own computer, using the proper software.


2. Get Away From the Desk

Yes, of course your employees need a work space, but what they don’t need is that to be the only place they have to get their work done. Flexibility is so important today. Mobile technology and remote devices are great tools to have on hand for employees to continue their work and stay productive.

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3. What’s With the File Cabinets?

It’s 2018, reducing paper consumption is easier than ever before. Not only are there other options for storing important files and documents, but the risk is way too high to have all of that work on the most flammable and vulnerable thing in the office; paper. File cabinets don’t do anyone any favors. They’re in the way a lot of times, and they’re no longer the most effective way to store and organize files.

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4. No Elbow Space

Having some old, clunky, heavy machine sitting on your desk, can get in the way and make productivity much harder. Odds are, that big computer is running too slow anyways. Replacing that equipment with slim, multi-surface monitors, will allow employees to be more productive by working on more than 1 thing at a time.

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5. Can’t Keep Up

There simply is no need for computers that run too slow. Talented employees can’t shine while they’re waiting for their computer to load or reboot for the 5th time of the day.  Bulky technology is often just not compatible with updated software and programs that successful agencies need to run.   

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