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Omega Computer Services is a leader in network services, managed I.T. services, and I.T. consulting for small, professional businesses. Is your business in need of a technological partner that can provide the tools your business needs to succeed? Omega will work around the clock to ensure your technology is managed and fully supported with our reliable and secure I.T. solutions.

Just like you, Omega is also an entrepreneur in business. We started from the bottom and worked our way up to be the best managed service provider in Michigan today. We understand that your time and resources are valuable, and you need to center your focus on what is important for the success of your business. Omega provides substantial I.T. experience and expertise that you are able to use to your advantage when looking for I.T. support for employees, managing technical vendors, and protecting sensitive data. We are here to help you make smart I.T. choices to amplify your business' day-to-day operations. Omega is ready to provide your professional business with a number of managed services.

Making Smart IT Choices With Omega


Managed I.T. Services

Allow Omega the opportunity to enhance your business operations by taking advantage of our Managed I.T. Services which include our team of experts, remote I.T. support, and fast, onsite response times. Whether you are experiencing a technical issue that requires attention by someone onsite to assist you or are able to connect with our remote support team, Omega is prepared to face any challenge head on to ensure your business is able to function smoothly.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

From human error, hardware glitch, virus, or even a natural disaster, data can disappear. Professional businesses experience a great deal of pressure to protect data and Omega knows how to help businesses stay on top of it. With our full local backup, fast local restores, offsite backup, and AES 256-bit encryption solutions, we are here to help businesses prepare for anything that comes in the way of protecting data.



Staying up-to-date with hardware can often fall by the wayside. Omega understands the financial pressures of replacing office hardware in order to stay current. To avoid paying large lump sums, Omega offers up-to-date technology that will allow your business to increase productivity and stay within your budget.


Managed Security

Technology is ever evolving, as are the threats that face the sensitive data professional businesses are responsible for. With Omega’s Managed Security solution, you can rest assured knowing your data and information is protected. We offer firewall management, security management, and Internet security to combat any threat that may wind up on the doorstep of your business. Omega’s approach to managing security is proactive and determined, which allows you the opportunity to put your focus on other aspects of business.


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