Focus on The Mission
Not The Technology


Technology For:

Technology plays a big role today in promoting the goals and mission of non-profit organizations. Without the right tools and resources, it can become a challenge to meet these goals. To stay ahead of the game, updating software and purchasing new hardware may be a good idea, but making that decision can be tricky to navigate while each dollar spent on technology is a dollar not spent on the work being done for the organization.

With Omega Computer Services, we are the managed and trusted I.T. company you need to point you in the right direction and work with you to manage your technology infrastructure to ensure you are able to meet your goals and mission as an organization. Hand over your technology hassles to us while you put the focus back on the organization priorities.

Technology To Meet Your Goals


Managed I.T. Services

Allow Omega to enhance your organization processes by taking advantage of our Managed I.T. Services. With our team of experts, both in the field and on the service desk, along with fast response times, we work to make your organization run as smoothly as possible. Omega is prepared to face any challenge head on, whether the issue you are experiencing needs to be met on-site or can be handled by our remote support team.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Things happen, we know that. Human errors, hardware glitches and malfunctions, viruses, and even natural disasters can lead to disappearing data. With so much more to focus on in your organization, data recovery is the last thing you want to deal with. Protecting data is important to any business and Omega knows how to help you stay on top of it. With our local and off-site backups, encryption solutions, and fast restores, we are ready to help your organization prepare and recover from anything that comes in the way of protecting your data.


Hardware Upgrades

Keeping up with hardware upgrades can often fall by the wayside when every dollar needs to serve the mission. Omega understands the financial pressures that come with replacing hardware in order to stay current. To avoid paying large amounts of money upfront, Omega offers up-to-date technology to allow your organization to advance its mission, as well as stay within a budget.




Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, as are the threats that face the data your organization is responsible for. With Omega’s Managed Security solution, you can sleep at night knowing that your information and data is protected. With our firewall management, security management, and Internet security, we are ready to combat any threat that you may find knocking on your door. We work with a determined approach to managing your security, allowing you to refocus on other aspects of the organization.


Align Your Technology With Your Goals