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Omega Computer Services offers the resources financial institutions need to take risks, including I.T. security, audit, infrastructure, and compliance services. As one of Michigan’s most trusted managed service providers, we understand that, while risk-taking is part of your business, you have an uncompromising policy for your data. There is no time for a computer glitch, system crash, or security breach.

For this reason, investment brokers, financial advisors, hedge funds, venture capitalists, and private equity firms have relied on Omega Computer Services to manage their I.T. infrastructure. We offer a complete suite of I.T. services specifically tailored for financial businesses in mind. Our support staff and technical field service team have the regulatory and compliance skills to successfully support you and your business.

Tailored With Financial Businesses In Mind

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Data Management & Compliance

Omega understands the need of financial institutions to comply with a number of security regulations, especially when it comes to data. With our Data Management and Compliance service, Omega will work to secure the reputation of your business when it comes to email archival and litigation readiness.



Financial institutions face many challenges when it comes to data and information security. With an increasing amount of sensitive information financial businesses are responsible for keeping secure, Omega offers a full security solution. With managed security protection and the ability to access data securely from any location, financial businesses can experience some peace of mind knowing their data is secure and in compliance with data security regulations.


Mitigating Risks

While risk is just a part of business in the financial industry, it is imperative that a mitigation plan is in effect for those “just in case” situations that happen when you least expect it. Preparedness is what Omega Computer Services offers with our Mitigating Risks solution. We offer assured regulatory compliance, reduced exposure, and increase in customer confidence.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

From human error, hardware glitch, virus, or even a natural disaster, data can disappear. Financial institutions are under strict regulations to protect data and Omega knows how to help businesses stay on top of it. With our full local backup, fast local restores, offsite backup, and AES 256-bit encryption solutions, we are here to help businesses prepare for anything that comes in the way of protecting data.


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