Let's Answer Those
Unanswered Questions

+ What is a Managed I.T. Service Provider?

A managed I.T. service provider, also refered to as an MSP, gives businesses the ability to recieve top of the line hardware and support at a fraction of the cost. Small to Medium sized businesses don't have the ability to create their own I.T. department in the way the they like/should. So, they turn to MSPs, like Omega, to get the job done and get the boost that their business deserves.

When companies turn to a true MSPs it gives them the freedom to budget effectively. Knowing that they will not have to spend a dime more then what was quoted.

+ Why Isn't Pricing on The Website?

Listen, we understand that you would love to see the pricing right in front of you but we can't do that for a few reasons:

1. We don't know the full scope of your business and what you are currently looking for in terms of technology. So, we don't want to get off on the wrong foot and provide you with an incorrect quote just to apease you for a moment.

2. We are not a service that you can simply pick up anywhere. We take pride in our white-glove approach that puts you at the center of our universe during your businesses transition to new technology. That means we want to get to know your business to make sure we are a proper fit before supplying you with the end price.

3. Last, and most importantly, we have to see it with our own eyes. As much as we would like to trust everyone in the process. Their are so many aspects of I.T. that are overlooked. Making sure we do our research into how your businesses current infrastructure is set up protects us from being tricked, along with yourself.

+ Why should I consider Omega as a partner, isn’t it easier to have an in house I.T. professional?

We aren't liars, of course there are advantages to have a technician on site who understands the full scope of your business. In fact, many of our current clients have a dedicate I.T. professional on staff to help with their day to day and we have great relationships with every single one.

Omega is an amazing asset for businesses because we have the tools, processes and experience in technology that small to medium sized businesses couldn't dream of. Our job is to make sure your I.T. is opperating at 100% all day everyday. Whether you have a technician on site or not. We will morph to your exact needs.

+ What is a technology audit?

Our audits are two fold, we do one through the network, and one visually. The one we run on the network is through a program called Network Detective. The program needs admin rights to the network, which hopefully you can provide. We will not log that information or even ask for it. We will, however, collect computers name, status of the hard drive, memory and the Operating System. The program will look into the server for the same information. We won’t have any “protected” information: for example: user names, passwords or client information.

We will then walk around and do a physical audit, this consists of looking at the networking equipment, PCs, Servers, WIFI, Printers, Phone system, and discussing your thoughts on the setup. Following that, we will then take the data the program collected and bring it back to the office on a flash drive to go over the final reports. You will get a copy of this report.

* What does Omega's current client portfolio look like?

We currently serve 50+ small to medium sized businesses ranging from 5 employees to 200+ employees.

Here is an overview of the current industries we serve:

  • Insurance

  • Non-Profit

  • Financial

  • Accounting

  • Real Estate

  • Home Builders & Architecture

  • Agribusiness & Lawn-Care

  • More

+ How many technicians are currently at Omega?

The current Omega Census looks like this:

  • 4 Service Desk Technicians
  • 2 Project Leads
  • 2 Field Service Technicians

As we continue to grow at triple-digits year over year (humble brag) we are constantly on the lookout for new talent. Not only are we searching for skilled technicians but people with great understanding and empathy for the end users issues. After all, our mantra isn't "We Love Customer Service" for nothing.

+ What are the service desk hours?

Standard service desk hours are Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM.

However, we have an on-call technician available 24/7/365 for any and all issues.

+ How often does a technician come on site?

An Omega Technician will come on-site as many times as needed. You will also have a dedicated client success manager to set up regular maintenance, strategic technology reviews or any other I.T. related meetings.

+ What kind of certifications/achievements does Omega have?

As one of the Omega Values we encourage our employees to continue growing in their roles whether that be certifications, lab testing or character building. Here is the current list of our certifications and achievements

  • Cisco Certified Network Technician

  • Cisco CCNA

  • CompTIA A+ Certified Technician

  • 3CX Certified Engineer

  • Microsoft Security & Networking Fundemental

  • Veeam Certified Partner

  • Meraki Certified Partner

  • Dell Certified Partner

  • Microsoft Certified Partner

  • 2018 CRN Pioneer 250

+ What is the turn around time to get new technology?

Once the contract is signed by your companies VIP the turn around time to install date is typically one month.

This gives us time to order the equipment (which takes majority of the one month) and set up all the backend work so it is a plug and play type atmosphere on install day.

+ Do you offer client references we can call?

Absolutely! We have a list of current VIPs that you can call to get a better idea of our service levels and what to expect. They are available upon request.

+ Will Omega work with our vendors?

100%. This is actually one of our most adored feature. Simply because we are giving you or the person who normally deals with vendors their time back. We have created close relationships with countless number of vendors across multiple industries many of which we have direct points of contact. Whenever you run into an issue with a vendors software or hardware, simply submit a ticket with the details of what is going on and the Omega Service Desk will take care of it from there.