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The Influence of Social Media in Today’s Culture

The rise of social media sites began in 1997, with Six Degrees accredited as the first social media site. Users could make individual profiles and add others to their personal network, just like most social media sites today. The site only lasted four years, while Friendster, LinkedIn, and MySpace took over. It wasn’t until 2008 that Facebook became the top visited site, and now it ranks third behind Google and YouTube as the most visited site in the world according to Alexa traffic rankings.

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Pioneer MSP 250 Award

Portage, MI (April 1, 2019) – Omega Computer Services is pleased to announce that we’ve been named to the Pioneer 250 of CRN’s 2019 Managed Service Provider 500 list! The Channel Company and CRN provide valuable insight and news for the global IT consulting community. Their distinguished list recognizes Omega as a top Managed IT Services Provider.

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5 Ways Technology Increases Team Collaboration

Technology has the ability to empower a team to accomplish more in less time. However, only the right tools and methods will prove its worth to a company. Collaboration through technology is a powerful and essential way to push a business towards its goals. Companies of all sizes are investing in the right tools and processes that work for them in order to drive growth. The capabilities of technology expand as far as the company requires to fit their needs. Here are a few ways to leverage technology to meet your business needs through collaboration across the company:

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